Welcome! We are very eager for you to begin volunteering at our school. In an effort to ensure that every volunteer, student, and teacher has a positive experience with volunteerism, we created this guide.

Before you Begin The following 3 items must be completed before you can begin volunteering at Phillips:



Complete the survey and return it to the school

Volunteer Opportunities We are looking for volunteers willing to help with the following activities:

  • Preparing Materials (making copies, cutting materials, etc.)

  • Reading to students (reading in small groups to students)

  • Helping students in small groups (volunteers will work with small groups of students with teacher guidance)

  • Helping with a classroom activity

  • Field trip chaperones

  • Volunteer at Phillips Family Nights

  • Helping out at breakfast, lunchroom, or at recess

Volunteer Expectations In order to make volunteering a positive experience for every member of our school community, we ask that you follow these expectations:

  • Do not discipline students: if you see a student misbehaving, tell a staff member. Do not handle it yourself.

  • Provide positive reinforcement of good behaviors: if you see students doing well, give them praise. 

  • When you arrive to school, sign in at the office

  • Wear a volunteer badge when you are in the building at all times

Volunteer Communication Volunteers will be notified of opportunities in the following ways:

If you see an opportunity you’d like to volunteer for, call or text to let the school know!