About the PTO

2021 - 2022 PTO Board

Maria Mangano - Communications Chair
Nadia Schweizer - Finance Chair
Lisa Turner - Events Chair


We are currently seeking board members. 

The following responsibilities need fulfullment on our board! If this is something you'd like to do, please email us at pittsburghphillipspto@gmail.com! The PTO Board meets monthly.

- Operations Chair: writing up agendas for meetings and running the board meetings and general PTO meetings; working with other members of the board to plan locations and times for meetings, managing the “big picture” of the PTO and helping to manage events and institutional health long-term so the PTO continues to run smoothly


- Liaison with Phillips staff: attend monthly meetings with Principal Bosenberg and FACE coordinators (Jessica Snyder and Melissa Ott); these are currently the last Monday of every month at 12:30pm on Zoom. 


- Liaison with Parent-School-Community Council: attend monthly PSCC meetings and keep them up to date on what the PTO is doing.

- Fundraising Chair: organize and collaborate with other board members to schedule fundraising, distribute information to school regarding fundraising, recruit and organize volunteers for fundraising.


- Homeroom parent management: recruit and organize homeroom parents, communicate information to parents (this could probably be done in coordination with the communications chair)


- Permitting/administrative management: apply for nonprofit status yearly, apply for permits for events, help with administrative tasks such as updating bylaws and records

What does the PTO do?

The PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) enriches your child’s school experience by:

● Sponsoring field trips, class and school events, and incentives

● Supporting school events and classes with the help of Parent Volunteers

● Sponsoring Teacher Appreciation Week

● Sponsoring kindergarten parent welcome

● Sponsoring field day

Ways you can help the PTO

Parent efforts are VITAL to keeping the PTO going. You can:

● Sign up to be on our email list to know about PTO meetings, school news, and events

● Sign up to be on the volunteer email list to help with events and fundraising efforts

● Sign up to be a Homeroom Parent

● Participate in fundraisers (These are critical for continuing to have field trips and events!)

● Join Amazon Smile for Phillips (search for Pittsburgh Phillips K-5 Parent Teacher Organization)

● Scan Box Tops using the Box Tops App

● Join the PTO Board! 

● Follow us on Facebook (@PittsburghPhillipsPTO) or our website (https://www.pittsburghphillips.com/pto)

More information

Learn how to redeem Box Tops here

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Still have questions? Email us!